25 October 2013

C.Ronaldo Uploads Photo in Man United Shirt on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo has uploaded a picture of himself in a Manchester United shirt for the first time on his official Instagram account to reminisce about his career at Old Trafford on #throwbackthursday.

Up until this point, Ronaldo has only ever uploaded a picture to say thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson as well as a few around the time of our game against Real Madrid, but he has never uploaded one of him in a United shirt.

However, as far as photo choice goes, it is a very strange one. Of all the photos he could have chosen, why did Ronaldo go for a picture from 25 February 2004 where we lost 2-1 to Mourinho’s FC Porto, the prelude to us being controversially knocked out to a late Porto goal in the second leg.

By every stretch of the imagination, that was a very forgetful day for United fans and Ronaldo only played 15 minutes after he came on as a substitute.

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