28 January 2014

Hairdresser Seen Stabbing Customer With Scissors For Being Unhappy With Haircut

Many hairdressers take pride in their work. One barber became enraged when his customer complained about his work.

17-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Rare Old Age Disease

A 17-year-old Jewish boy died of a rare old age disease this week, according to hospital officials in Massachusetts.

Kevin Hart Addresses Rumors About His Ex-Wife And Girlfriend

Kevin Hart is easily the #1 comedian in the country these days… here he talks to Upscale magazine about rumors on his love life. This is one of the rarities when he is serious.

Introducing The ‘R.I.P.’ - Terrifying New Bullet Designed For Maximum Suffering

As you’ll see in the video below, the R.I.P. round is a very particular type of solid copper hollow point. Why copper? Because lead is too soft to maintain its structural integrity after impact, flattening out or folding over before spreading out to do exactly what the R.I.P. round was designed to do.

Grammy Awards 2014: Full Winners List

Below are the winners of major categories at the 2014 Grammy Awards. The full winner list can also be seen on the Grammy official site.