28 January 2014

Introducing The ‘R.I.P.’ - Terrifying New Bullet Designed For Maximum Suffering

As you’ll see in the video below, the R.I.P. round is a very particular type of solid copper hollow point. Why copper? Because lead is too soft to maintain its structural integrity after impact, flattening out or folding over before spreading out to do exactly what the R.I.P. round was designed to do.

Split into a cone of nine piercing needles on impact, sending them far throughout the body of the target. And the fun doesn’t end there, because, being copper, the center core of the bullet still carries enough energy and structural integrity to punch right through a cinderblock, sheet of plywood or windshield. In fact, solid copper rounds are the round of choice for punching through windshields. See the R.I.P. round in action in the video.


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