27 June 2013

Gilbert Arenas Arrested For Illegal Fireworks

Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas is in a heap of trouble once again. TMZ is reporting that Arenas was pulled over for speeding early Thursday morning in California by the LAPD who proceeded to find “a ton” of illegal fireworks in Arenas’ possession.

The former Washington Wizard was arrested and booked for illegal fireworks as well as receiving a citation for speeding.

It’s in all caps so it must have been a lot of fireworks. But in all seriousness, this arrest is not a good look for Arenas who was infamously busted with a gun inside of the Wizards locker room some years ago and has not been relevant in the NBA or in the news until now.

TMZ reports that Arenas had so many fireworks loaded into his car that the LAPD bomb squad had to be called just to be safe. If he was planning on an NBA comeback, Arenas may have literally just lit the fuse the end of his career.

He hasn’t garnered any interest from teams and doesn’t seem to be looking to come back to basketball any time soon. It’s not as serious a charge in light of what’s going on with Aaron Hernandez, but this arrest just shows the foolishness of Arenas.

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