30 September 2013

Kobe Bryant Doesn't "Give A Sh*t" About Dwight Howard Leaving

When the Lakers were pitching Dwight Howard to re-sign with them, Kobe Bryant laid down a challenge for the big man to want to win, and learn true championship pedigree. After Dwight chose to head to Houston, Bryant seemed unfazed, and took the approach that if Dwight didn't want to be a Laker then the Lakers didn't want him either.

With his rehab still on-going, the Black Mamba is anxious to get on the court, and as part of the Lakers Media Day he fielded questions about the Lakers expectations, and Howard's departure.

Asked what his feelings were about Dwight leaving Lakers, Kobe didn't mince words saying, "Honestly man, I don't really give a sh*t, it is what it is."

The Lakers are not predicted to make much noise this year, and many have them even missing the playoffs after losing Dwight and Metta World Peace in exchange for signings like Chris Kaman and Nick Young, but Kobe isn't listening to those predictions.

Citing the extremely erroneous championship predictions from a year ago, the Lakers legend says prognosticators are often wrong,

"Those people have been wrong before. They picked us to win a championship last year, and they were dead-ass wrong about that.” 

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